Dear Customer..."

Hosgeldiniz is how we say welcome in Turkey, and I welcome you to my web site. I hope you find it helpful, convenient, and informative.

Being in the carpet business for the past seventeen years has given me a detailed knowledge of and deep appreciation for the elegance and timeless beauty of Turkish and oriental carpets. The miracle of modern technology allows me to share my carpets and my expertise with you so you can make an informed choice of the one best suited to your needs.

Because carpets and kilims are individual works of art which represent ancient tribal ways, each one creates a different feeling and impression. There are many types of Turkish tribal and oriental carpets in my shop from which to choose, many more, in fact, than are displayed here. It is impossible to list or describe the unique details of each carpet-producing area in Turkey, not to mention the surrounding regions, each of which has its own special designs, colors, patterns, and motifs. If you have a special request for a color or size, or if you have any questions at all, please contact me.

So how does one choose the right carpet? As a romantic, I think a carpet should "speak to you" and be "love at first sight."

As a customer, you deserve good value for your money. I personally choose each carpet in my shop and refuse to sell on consignment (the most common way carpets are sold in Turkey). In other words, I pay villagers and my suppliers in cash; therefore, the price I quote is fair and reasonable and is the same to everyone. In fact, I invite you to surf the web and compare my prices with those you find elsewhere. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

The poet has said "Spiders weave and leave their trails across the world, so the threads of the carpet join many lands and hands together." I believe this to be true, so let me help you make that "perfect choice."

Hüseyin Palioglu