The following customers have kindly allowed us to use their names and their comments about the quality of our carpets and the service we provided through our web site.

We have been purchasing carpets and kilims from Huseyin and Harem Carpets since 1998 both in the shop and online. We have never been disappointed. Whenever we are in Istanbul, lingering in his shop is a pleasant experience. It is breathtaking to see the profusion of quality pieces both large and small; we have never left without at least one--and usually more--to take home. Buying online has been equally satisfying. So whenever we find another place on the floor or the wall for yet one more, Huseyin has always sent photos of pieces which fit our needs. His service is first rate, his prices are more than fair, the quality of his stock is first rate, and shipping is fast, arriving usually in a week or less. Check his prices with any of those hundreds of carpet sellers in the city and you will be pleasantly surprised. Just say NO to them and visit Harem Carpets instead. We will be back to shop again with Huseyin and Harem Carpets.
Phil and Kathy in San Antonio, Texas.

We have known Huseyin and his company Harem 47-49 for 3 years both as a customer and personal friend. We have purchased 16 of our 18 carpets from Harem 49. This was done only after shopping at several different carpet shops throughout Turkey and more specifically Istanbul. This fact in itself tells you that Harem 49 is the best for us. We recommend Harem 49 without reservation to all our friends!

Enjoy the warm hospitality at Harem 49. Your home away from home!!

Dr. Bernie and Rose Brunner Calgary, Alberta Canada

"I have traveled to Turkey many times and whenever I am in Istanbul I visit the Harem 49 Carpet and Kilm Shop. Huseyin and his staff are always gracious and offer beautiful carpets and kilms at very fair and reasonable prices. Many of my friends have worked with Huseyin and Mustafa and always find the experience to be wonderful."

On June 3rd a friend of mine, Molly Howes, will be visiting Istanbul. I have asked her to stop by your shop and say "hi" for me. Molly is a Psychologist from Boston. In spite of her similar last name, we are not related. We met at a professional conference 3 years ago. You will enjoy meeting Molly and her friends, and I know that she will enjoy meeting you.

Take care and I hope that business is good


Dear Huseyin

We think your website is great. I will have anther look at it after I send this and see whether I can think of something you might be able to add or perhaps make more clear. I am also writing to tell you about two friends of mine Ken and Trish Webb who will be in Istanbul about the middle of July. I told them all about you and suggested that if they were thinking of buying a carpet, I could not think of anyone better to see than yourself! I also have some other news, I will be signing, at long last, the contract for my book about India,tomorrow. I guess that it will be published about November and you can be sure that I will send you a copy. And also......we are thinking of making a trip back to Europe in 2004. It sounds a long way off but it is amazing how quickly the years go. I hope we may be able to come and say hello at that time. Well, that is all for now

My very best wishes Linda De Vel

"""Nice kelims! Nice shop! Nice people! When in Istanbul my wife and I allways drop in for a talk, a cup of tea or a purchase in HAREM 49.
Jorgen Lind
Travel writer

Kind regards Jorgen Lind

"We lived in Istanbul for 5 years, working as teachers in Uskudar, and over the years we purchased over 15 pieces, from a few harikes, to kilims and pillow covers, we love everything we purchased. Prices were reasonable and we love the service. Huseyin became a good friend to us, and still is to this day. We were thrilled when he made the trip all the way to California to see us get married after we left Turkey in 1999. Thanks Huseyin for everything...everytime we look at our carpets, we think of you and Harem Carpet shop.

Sincerely, Paddy and John Boyt, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The web site at Harem49 is useful and helpful. Huseyin shows many fine pieces and cheerfully helped me find an unusual green carpet in just the right size. The price was fair and shipment prompt. Although I cannot be in Istanbul as often as I would like, I feel as though I am there whenever I deal with Harem49 and Huseyin Palioglu. He and his staff are courteous and professional, and I would have no hesitation in shopping with him again on the web.

Phil H. in Texas, USA

"We enjoyed an excellent experience visiting Huseyin's carpet stores while in Istanbul. Huseyin spent time educating us on the different carpets, sumacs and kilims. We felt that his carpets were of very good quality and priced low enough that we were able to buy two. We were so pleased with Huseyin and his employees that we have recommended Harem 49 to our friends here in the United States. And, because of the trust we have in Huseyin, we plan to buy additional carpets in the future."

Dennis and Bobbie Simmerman

Dear Huseyin

Thanks very much for your e-mail. We think the web-site works very well and have suggested to friends that they use it when looking for carpets. We very much enjoy the kilims we purchased from you. We don't really need more at this point but we could, I suppose, always be tempted by something extra special.

I trust that spring has arrived in Istanbul and that all is well with you.

Very best wishes, Hugh Brewster Canada

Dear Huseyin
Please consider the Yahyali, #280, and the Baluch runner, #138 sold. I will not be able to do the wire transfer until Thurday May 16th, as I am working during banking hours until then. Thank you for your help.
My input concerning your website and dedication to customer service is that both are first class. A level of service that has left the U.S. along time ago. Also your prices represent about a 50 to 75% discount over carpet prices here, even when the carpets are at a close out price here.
An item that maybe you could possibly add to your website is information about the origin of particular carpet types and what these areas are known for in the world of carpets. Or just a reference to a good book on these art works. Informed customers will more fully appreciate your carpets and your service. I can recognize a difference between the carpets, but I would love to learn more. Also information on whether the carpet is signed or unsigned. Some of the carpets we have seen in the US are"signed".
I would be happy to place an add for your website in the Denver Post classified adds.
You could also use my e-mail address or phone number in the US to get the ball rolling. I think your light is under the bushell basket as the saying goes.
That's all I can think of for now. But I know there is a market for your art works. Why own just a rug when you can own a work of art. Maybe that can be your motto, ha!
Sincerely, Don Hoffman - Denver, Colorado

I have been visiting Harem 49 for about 4 years. Of course the carpets are beautiful. But what makes Harem 49 different is that you can stop and look at the carpets displayed outside without being dragged into the shop. No one follows you down the street trying to get your business. This makes me feel comfortable. I've bought about 12 carpets here.

Corinna Harmon